The new 2023 Volkswagen Amarok has a towing capacity of up to 7,700 lbs, about 1,000 lbs more than the last generation model. This increase is largely thanks to it being based on the same platform as the Ford Ranger that has a similar tow rating. Here's a fun list of things you can safely tow with it:
Two (2) Smart ForTwo Coupés

Photo: Mercedes-Benz

Smart cars are basically half a car, so I’m going to guess that two of them would fit in the same space as a regular car if one were so inclined to tow two of these things. I can think of at least one gearhead smart enough to do so. The 2017 Smart Fortwo weighs about 2,050 pounds, so assuming a trailer weight of 2,000 pounds that leaves enough payload for a couple of 2017 Smart Fortwos.
Twelve (12) Yamaha SRX600 Motorcycles

Photo: Jalopnik / José Rodríguez Jr.

The Yamaha SRX600 was sold in the U.S. for one model year (1986), which means there are precious few of them left after three decades. I wouldn’t mind driving around in an Amarok, somehow, and hitching up a dozen of them to bring home and restore. It’s a light bike at around 380 pounds wet. The problem would be fitting all 12 on an 800-pound Uhaul trailer.
Platoon (20+) of Hyundai, Boston Dynamic Spot Robots

Photo: Hyundai

If you wanted to defend your home — or keep nosy neighbors away — I can’t think of many things scarier than a bright yellow robot with menacing green lasers. Actually, the only thing scarier than one Spot robot is a platoon of Spot Robots. These things weigh 72 pounds, so fitting between 20 and 50 oughta do on a 1,500-pound flatbed trailer.
Twelve (12) Toyota 2JZ Engines

Photo: Toyota

If, however, you’re not down with letting a platoon of bots run amok, you can take that same 1,500-pound flatbed and throw on a dozen Toyota 2JZ engines. These weigh approximately 507 pounds, which is a lot of engine swaps. Check with Daigo Saito for the best make and models for a swap!
Honda ASIMO and Crew

Photo: Honda

ASIMO weighs all of 110 pounds, so you could bring the whole ASIMO crew on a flatb- you know, what? No. Too soon, man. Too soon.
Two (2) Baby African Elephants

Photo: San Diego Zoo

Here’s one last haul to cheer you up after that bleak reminder that ASIMO is gone. African Elephants weigh around 265 pounds at birth, but the calves grow by nearly 3 pounds per day. These big-eared cuties could weigh 1,360 pounds at just one year, so you could place two of them in a 4,200-pound livestock trailer (carefully!) and tow them with the new Amarok. But make sure they’re not away from mom for too long, please.