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Hi all!

I wonder if anyone has some insight!
2012, 4x4, 6-speed, 2L BiTurbo Diesel

ARB-front bumper with a winch, OME 2" front suspension...

Rear Suspension:

- For a while we ran the OME-HD kit (7 leaves) - BIG error, no need for that unless you have at least a 400kg base-load (workshop box or heavy camper or similar...)

- Talked to OME and removed the lowest 2 load-springs, better (or rather less worse), but still too much!

- Re-installed the original VW HD-pack (5 leaves)

- Installed a DriveRite Airspring kit, but this is not doing much unless there is quite a heavy load (it kind of defeats the purpose, when leveling with the airbags, one takes load off the leaves, so - for what do I have the HD springs??)

- So, we are thinking of removing the lower 2 leaves of the original VW HD package. Hoping that would leave us with something like the VW "Comfort"-package! Now the air-springs get to work with load!
[I am aware that we need to change the U-bolts or put spacers between the remaining leaves and the axles. The idea is to get shorter U-bolts and use spacers only to keep the truck level]

- The question is: Are the 3 upper leaves of the original HD-pack (HD, 5 leaves) the SAME as the 3 leaves of the original "Comfort"-pack (3 leaves) or are these something completely different??

Thank you for any info/suggestion/idea/wisdom!!


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